here's the full list of journaling prompts for your

30 Days of Kindness

Use these in any way that feels good to you – use them all, use just one, or use the same one for 30 days! Set a timer for 10 minutes, if that helps.

Sit by the window, or go for a walk. Write in your journal, ponder in the bathtub, or dream as you fall asleep…

And above all: no guilt! Start by being kind to yourself, it really helps!


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Be Kind to Yourself – Week 1 – Gratitude

Fri Dec 16 Remember a kind person and write a thank-you.
Sat Dec 17 Make your gratitude top-ten list.
Sun Dec 18 3 things your friends appreciate about you.
Mon Dec 19 Name a comfort food you will enjoy really soon.
Tues Dec 20 Notice what else you crave, and give it to yourself!
Wed Dec 21 Appreciate: 2 things you did well this week!
Thu Dec 22 What would you be grateful to let go of?

Design for Kindness – Week 2 – Design your Mood
Optional: first, write one line of Gratitude daily, then…

Fri Dec 23 How can you design your holiday for kindness?
Sat Dec 24 List 5 moods you want more of. Five!
Sun Dec 25 Set an intention for your mood today & make a reminder.
Mon Dec 26 Who inspires you? Living or fictional or dead.
Tues Dec 27 Design the perfect evening and plan it into your calendar.
Wed Dec 28 List 5 kind people you’d love to see in the new year.
Thu Dec 29 What did you learn about designing for kindness this week?

Forgive and Remember
– Week 3 – Notes from your Brilliant Self
Optional: begin with your daily Gratitude note.

Fri Dec 30 Remember 10 attributes of your brilliant self.
Sat Dec 31 Bid goodbye to the old year.
Sun Jan 1 Welcome the New Year.
Mon Jan 2 Remember a time when you were whole.
Tues Jan 3 Write a thank-you note to a learning experience.
Wed Jan 4 Write a few words forgiving someone (it could be you).
Thu Jan 5 Write a kindness to yourself on your bathroom mirror.

Walk in Kindness
– Week 4 – Being
Optional: continue your daily Gratitude note.

Fri Jan 6 Smile a lot today, and receive whatever comes back.
Sat Jan 7 Do one *anonymous* act of kindness – be humble.
Sun Jan 8 Ask a friend what they need, and try to help them get it.
Mon Jan 9 Feel your anger – then turn it into curiosity.
Tues Jan 10 Ask for and accept help – be receptive.
Wed Jan 11 Let kind silence teach you – be patient.
Thu Jan 12 Set an intention for how you will BE in the next 3 days.

– Week 5 – Doing

Fri Jan 13 Keep track of your wins.
Sat Jan 14 Celebrate when intention becomes action!
Sun Jan 15 Let’s Party!

Don’t forget the closing Cocktail Party:
Deb’s birthday! Sunday Jan 15th at 5pm CET  (click to join the call)

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