Ethics of Life Coaching

I consider Life Coaching a calling: given my own passions and talents, it’s the most effective way for me to contribute my best to our community.

This work is a responsibility and a privelege, so I’m saddened when I hear people say “Oh, everyone is calling themselves a coach these days, it doesn’t mean anything.” As a non-regulated profession, I understand where this criticism might come from, however I take this work very seriously, for example: attending master classes and keeping my associate membership in the International Coaching Federation (ICF) current.

I’d like to tell you what I promise when I make you a offer of personal coaching:


I envision each client’s amazing potential
and hold space for it even when they are in doubt.


I help my clients to develop their own vision of a better life,
and to design their Bigger Game to make it happen.


I hold the coaching relationship and all client information strictly confidential.


I pair with each client to openly co-design unique and valuable coaching experiences.


I uphold the standards & ethics of the International Coach Federation,
the respected professional body of which I am a member.

My commitment:

Within the coaching relationship, I keep aside my personal vision & values
in order to operate from within your worldview.

When I find I cannot do this, the coaching relationship is weakened,
so I’ll transparently work to resolve it
or refer you to a professional who can offer the support you want.

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