How does Phone Coaching work?

I do most of my coaching on the phone. If you feel skeptical about this, note that thousands of people are phone-coached by Co-Active coaches every week, and they keep coming back! Most find it effective and inspiring – not to mention efficient, as there’s no travel!

How does a phone coaching arrangement look, when you work with me? Here’s an idea of how it could go after your sample vision session, if you decide to continue.

in our first session we’ll design our partnership,

discussing things like: how you’d like to be coached, your learning style, and your ‘big agenda’ for our work together.

you’ll book an appointment online

at a time that works for you (with 24 hours’ notice, you can also move or cancel it).

we’ll pause to become fully present

before the appointment. I set aside some time to clear my mind and renew my connection with your values and goals. I suggest you do this too, as I’ll be expecting you to be ready with a theme to work on – something related to (or perhaps blocking) your big agenda.

we both call in at the appointed time,

usually on my international conference line. Check your booking confirmation/reminder to check what platform you specified at booking time.

first things first

we’ll review what happened with the homework assignment we deisigned at the end the last session, and most importantly: you inform me of your topic for this call

focus and approach

Together we’ll pick an approach to work with your theme for the day, modifying it as needed. I’m a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, an approach guided by energy, intuition and flow, rather than templates and tools, so session structure varies, based on your needs at the moment. The examples in the table below all involve me asking challenging, open-ended questions, and allowing you time to reflect and answer.

develop your own mission statement  brainstorm options you did not think of before  dig into what bugs you to discover your values
explore the inner voices that help/hinder your progress design an experiment to get you more desirable results vent, to get past something that’s distracting you
explore your fears or goals with visualisation  roleplay perspectives of your colleagues or family  plan next steps toward something important

we navigate together

We both use our intuition, or “gut feeling.” to decide where to go within the session – there are no templates! We call this “dancing in the moment”. Don’t worry – you already bring everything you need into the session… my job is to help you see the deeper issue, uncover the resources you have, and put them to work in a new experiment..

strange coaching behaviour :-)

Be prepared… sometimes I will interrupt, redirect, or challenge you. I do this in service of your big agenda, to ensure that you get the most out of your session, and I ask yu to do the same. It is a partnership, and we figure it out as we go along.

wrapping up

I’ll keep an eye on the clock, because you’ll see: time flies! Throughout the session, we’ll both be on the lookout for something you’d like to take away as “homework”. It could be an experiment, a new behaviour, a question to reflect on daily, or a plan to interact with specific people to find new information. You always have a choice, homework assignments are not imposed.

quality check and business details

Before we end each call, I will ask for feedback: how has this been helpful to you? What’s new now? Based on this we may want to redesign our partnership to serve your goals better. We may also make plans for the approaching end of coaching.

and… action!!

The period between sessions is where the real work of coaching takes place – in your mind, in the choices you make, in your actions. You my work on your homework all week, or do it in a rush at the end, or maybe not at all… regardless of your style, as you observe yourself and others with new eyes you will bring new learning into your next session!

rinse and repeat

You’ll book your session(s) into my calendar. Life will bring you new opportunities and throw you new curves… and suddenly, it’s time for your next session!


Over time you’ll internalise this coaching stance – you’ll listen to yourself with more compassion and intuition, and acknowledge your dreams, preferences and strengths. You’ll know when it’s time to stop with coaching: you will find yourself in the middle of your own Great Work, playing a bigger game, and discover that you’ve become a person others aspire to emulate! Then we’ll plan one last session to reflect, celebrate and design your supports…. and off you go!

So, what do you think? Are you up to the challenge of self-exploration; of committing time and energy to achieve your big dream? Most people are surprised how much fun coaching is – even while life is still hard. That’s because your coaching session is a place where your dream is possible, your values are perfectly in order; and your coach listens deeply and believes in you, totally, every time.

And that’s how coaching works. Find out more about coaching here, or if you’re ready to try it, simply book a free online sample session.

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