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We’re trained to turn other people’s requests into ToDos…
what about your own needs and dreams?

What do you want more of, or less of?
What would bring you deep peace of mind?
What would be so much fun?

Your own Inner Brilliance is sending you messages – but it tends to speak softly.
While a stomach ache may just mean ‘too much coffee’, it’s also good to look at recurring patterns in our lives with an eye for bigger messages.

This journal is a simple tool for discovering (or remembering) your own wisdom.
Your Inner Brilliance wants to come out and play.

you can design a bigger game journal

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You Can Design abiggergame is a self-coaching workbook to use on your lunch-break, in a park or cafe … wherever you find your peace.

It brings you images and quotes to focus your awareness, and a handful of exercises to deepen your self-knowledge. It’s available as an e-book in english and german, and now (NEW) Journal edition (order below).

I am really excited about this new format, because it better embodies my wish to hold space for your own exploration of what helps you thrive. Because when you are peaceful and centered, you can really shine, which makes you a natural influencer.

abiggergame journal

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The Journal honors my muse.

The new Journal edition puts the exercises on individual postcards once again, so you can choose the one you need at the right moment, and even put it in your car or on your desk!

The blank book literally “holds space” for your Inner Brilliance to emerge, inviting you with creamy, high-quality pages that you’ll fill at your own rhythm.

I still offer the a paperback workbook, and e-book, but I really recommend this one!

book: You can design abiggergame

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abiggergame.TODAY self-coaching cards:

  • printed version of Deb’s e-book
    You Can Design a Bigger Game
  • four guided exercises on: Values, Mission, Perspectives, Getting into Action
  • 7 prompts for further exploration
  • how to use this book

A sturdy blank journal

  • approx. 5 x 7″ / 120 x 170 mm
  • 96 smooth creme colored pages
  • navy blue with all blank pages, or
  • bright red with page fronts lined, backs blank

Tips to get you started

A personal note from me, and …

Bonus! A sample card from my new coaching card deck, InspireMe! created with author Lyssa Adkins.

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find out more about Nicholson’s amazing Peerless Watercolors!

As I prepared my sister’s Christmas gift, I thought: maybe you’d like to give this as a gift too!

So, for a short time, here’s an add-on for the doodler, artist or graphic-recorder on your list: my hand-made portable palette of dry watercolors that fits in the back pocket of the journal!

Nicholson’s “Peerless” paints are amazing, real watercolour infused slips of paper you activate with water. I’ve turned them into a minimalist palette for you, and added a Derwent water-brush and a sheet of blotting paper to clean your brush between colors.

Just fill your brush with water and you’re ready to paint on a train, in an auditorium or on the ski slopes! Later you can buy more paint from Peerless or ping me for a refill.

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abiggergame journal

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For me, in the end, it has to feel right. Here’s what sold me on the Artway journal:

  • waterproof soft-cover
  • rear pocket to hold your postcards
  • heavy 150 gram paper takes fountain pen, marker, even watercolor!
  • contrasting satin bookmark
  • a wide elastic to hold it all together

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abiggergame journaling prompts

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As a painter, I know there’s nothing like a blank page to stop you cold!

So, until you find your own rhythm, try the included

  • Getting Started guide,
  • pointers to diverse journaling methods, and
  • list of Journal Prompts

It’s worth noting that people learn in different ways. Personally, I love having a collaborator, or a coach, to bring me out of my own habitual ideas. But it isn’t always possible. And, really, some things can only be heard when you get still.

Before Journaling is a joy, it may need to be a discipline. You do it because you want to get at the “gold” hiding quietly, waiting for you. You do it when the time is right, and pause when you need to.  Ready to try it?

Your Inner Brilliance wants to come out and play!

Are you ready to take some time for yourself?

Looking for the free e-book? It’s here in english & german.

Think of it as time at the spa for your heart.
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