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What does Mentoring add?

When you’re leading change – whether it’s your job title, or simply through personal influence – you may find yourself living with a vision that others do not yet grasp.  Your leadership puts you out ahead of the group, beckoning them to follow and try something new … but it can also leave you lonely, perhaps even wondering whether you’re on track.

As an experienced leader of change, I know that feeling. And I’d love to support you with feedback, as a sounding board, and with tales from my own experience. I love to share resources, tips, and make connections between the people I know all over the world. But, in fact, I limit how much of this I bring into our coaching sessions, to make room for you to develop your own resources. I think of coaching as “teaching you to fish” rather than giving you fish”!

So: coaching and mentoring, though they tend to naturally occur together, are in fact quite different stances for me as a coach.

How do Coaching and Mentoring differ?

While both relationships are helpful, mixing both without a plan can be confusing to both of us: who’s the expert in a given conversation? In coaching, you are the authority in your own life, and as your coach, I have the professional habit of self-managing, when I notice my own experience intrudes on my ability to clearly hear your agenda. My practice is to get curious about your experience and viewpoint – and leave mine aside.

With an agreed-upon mentoring model, we create an explicit shared agenda and a living set of standards, a set of external guidelines, phrased in a way that supports and inspires you. Once I know your areas of desired growth, I can “switch hats” to offer perspectives and resources as a mentor, where I know you want them, or to help you find outside input, in areas where I am less experienced.

I find the following distinctions between Coaching and Mentoring relationships helpful:

It’s about what’s inside you, and where you want to go Your personalised competency model provides external structure for growth
We discover your “right way” in the moment You develop & practice a model of your “right way”
I hold, magnify and serve your vision and values At your request, I also watch for practice blind spots
You’re the expert on your life; I help you access this I also share from my own experiences & resources
You drive our work together, and I serve your journey We are companions on a shared path
How does Mentoring work?

The flow of mentoring and coaching in a given session tends to be fluid: one leads us naturally into the other, and back again. So my fee for sessions is the same whether pure coaching, or a mix of coaching and mentorship.

We’ll look at which areas are a fit for mentoring (for example, I’ve never been a parent!), we’ll draft a custom competency model to outline areas you’d like help in, and we’ll design how we want to balance coaching and mentoring.

Many of my clients are coaches or use coaching skills in their work, so I want to encourage clear distinctions around what is (and is not) coaching behaviour. For this reason I offer mentoring only to people with whom I already have an established coaching relationship.

Find out more!

If you’re a current client:

ask me about how to add mentoring at your next session.

If you’re new, or no longer a client:

simply book (re-) Vision Session, and at the end, let’s talk about how to get you where you want to go!

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