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Deborah Hartmann Preuss

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I’m all about bringing meaning and joy to the workplace.

Through Co-Active phone coaching, I support people like you, who share my passion: you influencers, who bring your whole selves to your work and your play. If you itch to create more joy in your own and others’ lives, I believe you’re on your way to making a much bigger difference than you may yet have imagined!

When do we start?


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Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
ICF Associate (ACC)
Newfield coach (CEO)


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20 years in software •
12 years coaching people + processes

Your Game is important

A small game is easy, known, safe.
A Big Game is challenging, rewarding, & meaningful.

your Big Game is
that idea you can’t get out of your head
what idea?
come, do a Vision Session, it always shows up!
“I only want the fun customers”
… why not? let’s make it happen
“I need a Sabbatical.”
… you’ll be surprised where this will lead
“I wish I could combine software and …”
… perfect! let’s talk about that
“I hate Mondays. There must be something better.”
… yes! listen to your gut
“What if I could play all day?”
… wow, maybe you’ll invent the next “LEGO”!
“I want to be the boss!”
… go for it! I’ll help
I want to change the world...

…and I need your help.

When you are shiningly, fiercely, deliciously yourself
the world will be shifting for the better, wherever you go.

Ready to join my world-changing network?

Let’s boost your Big Game; make it vibrant and irresistable to those you meet. Let’s make it so much fun you forget it’s Friday.

change your workplace  •  love your life  •  raise amazing children  •  heal the planet  •  delight your customers  •  [add your mission here]

Let’s make it
perfect for YOU
Start playing your Bigger Game today...

Look Around

How are things in your world right now?

Are you satisfied & joyful? How exciting is the start of a work week? How relaxed are you about finances? How’s your health?

The Wheel of Life exercise helps you ‘look around’

Get (Back) in Touch

At the center of your being, you already know.

Get off the hamster wheel and rediscover ways of working that are effective and fun because they’re 100% suited to your values & strengths.

The self-coaching Journal helps focus your exploration.

Refresh your Vision

Think of it as time at the spa for your heart.

Make space in your calendar for a Vision Session, and come away refreshed.

It’s also our chance to get to know one another, so: no charge.

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Take the Plunge!

Skilled coaching gets you there faster!

Passionate change agents make the best coachees: you’re ready for feedback, and not afraid to step outside your comfort zone! Results are fast and deep.

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Grow your inner Coach

Walk the talk.

Observe your life in a new way. Make more satisfying choices. Your weekly “experiments” strengthen your own inner coach and soon you’ll be out practicing on your own.

The real work of coaching is always yours!

The first two steps can be done on your own, or in our initial coaching sessions.
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Whether for coaching, collaboration or simply conversation…
I look forward to it!

Successful Stories

“I was able to crystallize my vision, focus on the right levers and become much more adept in managing conflicts and resistance. Deb’s extremely perceptive, and willing to challenge assumptions that were limiting my ability to move forward.”


Bennet Vallet,
Director Product Development, Siemens Medical Solutions Health Services / 2012
“It’s a pleasure working with Deb, even when digging into the less appealing aspects of one’s inner workings. She asks great questions, elicits important answers, and helps to guide those findings into meaningful insights and actions.”


Ellen Grove,
Agile Coach at Agile Partnership / 2013
“Deb’s easy manner and high energy created a space full of possibilities. Her knowledge of the Agile subject area populated that space with meaningful experience. I highly recommend Deborah to anyone searching for an Effectiveness Coach.”


Karen Favazza Spencer,
founder of Agile Kindergarten / 2012
“Deborah est une coach absolument incroyable! Elle apporte, à chaque fois, un éclairage nouveau sur les perspectives d’amélioration. Son approche est très humaine, on sent qu’elle est impliquée avec chaque fibre de sa personnalité.”


Stephane Lecuyer,
Coach & Trainer at Agile Partnership / 2008
“One of the best investments I’ve made in myself… Deb has a genuine way of getting me to explore, and holds me accountable to what is true for me. As a result of our work together I am done with playing small.”


Mike E. Edwards, CPCC,
Personal & Team Coach / 2014

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Get off the hamster wheel! A little coaching can help, especially when you’re “too busy”.
Create fast results with regular coaching, consistent practice, accountability.

Leader Mentoring

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For current & former coachees: grow your game with a personalized competency model.

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