Yes, I give away my work :-)
Your Inner Brilliance wants to come out and play!

Welcome! This post is about the “free vision session” that I love to do with anyone who asks.

You’ll get a lot of energy from this session: you might add detail to your big dream, or even discover a new dream that’s developed while you’ve been busy elsewhere.  Your renewed connection to what makes you really happy will show! (this is the big benefit for you).

I’ll guide you this exercise on a voice or video call, with no pressure to continue on as a client – it will be fun for both of us!

If you’re ready to dive in now, it’s easy to
book it online

Or download the printable gift card for a friend in A4 or Letter format (large file: 2mb)

Is it really free?

Actually, it seems sensible, in this world of tricky marketing, to be skeptical.

Let me tell you what the catch is. Actually… I see 3 !

  • catch #1 – you might start to change!
    You’ll start to make choices that resonate better with your own values and vision. This is something I love to share!
  • catch #2 – word-of-mouth marketing for me.
    If you liked it, please spread the word!
  • catch #3 – I want to change the world, and I believe you will help!
    Just by helping you be your most Brilliant self: when you come away re-energised, those around you will benefit from your energy – which helps me change the world.
Is this a trick to lure you into coaching?
  • No: I consider “luring” clients into coaching unethical. It is very important that the choice of coach and timing be driven by you.
    That is why I also offer to help you try other qualified coaches. I do believe “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” (quoting Lao Tzu) – and the right coach for you may, or may not, be me! So I will also help you find a coach, even if you do not choose to sample my coaching, because I wish everyone to experience the joy of working with the right coach. Read on for coach-finder links.
  • And… If I proposed the session to you, I may have a hunch that you are in a time of growth and change that would make coaching valuable to you. Helping change agents is my mission, and I’d like to help make your journey happier and easier.

My coaching business is how I contribute to our household, so I will ask whether you are interested in coaching. Feel free to say no! And if you are uncertain, it’s better to take your time – so we might set a date to talk again later.

Rest assured: some people come only for the free session, with no intent to continue working with me. Do I mind? Not at all! I love doing the vision session with everyone!

How do you find a coach?

I love coaching, but don’t take my word for it! It’s common in Co-Active coaching circles to “sample” several coaches before choosing one, with a sample or “chemistry” session like this one. I’ve done it myself, when hiring my own coach – and been surprised at how different the tone can be with two equally qualified coaches!

I encourage you experiment before hiring a coach. I recommend both the Co-Active and ICF online find-a-coach services, which let you filter on many options, including language and location.

Why not try it?

I invite you to book a one-hour Personal Vision session – free of charge – to bring new energy to your home and work, and to those around you as a result! It’s a no-obligation way to check out the chemistry between you and me, and find out more about how coaching works. You can easily book your call online, using the Free Sample menu item on this site. And please do share it with your visionary friends, too: the short link to this page is

I look forward to speaking with you … when the time is right!

Before you move on … I’d love to stay in touch!

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“Think of it as time at the spa for your heart”

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