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If you want to change the world, this workbook is for you!

The work of the change-agent is irresistible to some of us: we see new possibilities, better ways, and we long to share them with our valued colleagues and loved ones.

Being out front can be lonely, though: when the dream seems far off, and others don’t “get” it; when obstacles abound, or confusion sets in… then, what keeps us going is:

Living from the heart.

Knowing who we are and what we love keeps us vibrant in the face of resistance, delay and uncertainty.

Think of these 4 exercises as time at the spa for your heart:

  • Tell the truth: when you’re happiest, what makes you you? (on values)
  • Get unstuck: find the inner voices that make it work! (new perspectives)
  • More than a job: what’s your calling? (personal vision)
  • Get moving! Design your next steps. (a call to action)

Download the smartphone-friendly e-book and set aside a few hours for self-care… plan them right into your calendar: 4 appointments with your heart, 4 moments of truth. Dare to get off the hamster wheel and sit quietly. You’ll rediscover the aliveness of being at-choice:

Imagine: what if you did only what brings you joy?

That’s where world-work starts. I want to grow a more joyful world, and so I am happy to share this book with you. I’d love to keep you up-to-date with future resources and events, too. So, if you haven’t already, please subscribe to my newsletter before you download – or just skip to the bottom and download without subscribing… Either way, Enjoy!


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You can design a bigger game - e-book

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If you’d like to do some quiet writing/drawing to answer the questions in the book, order the Journal edition here (with option to add watercolours!) and I’ll send it to you with a hand-written note.

Or order the softcover book online.


Or print an invitation to the e-book as a gift-card to share with a friend (A4 or Letter format) , perhaps tucked inside a card or notebook, or…

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