Women of XP2017

Yes, this is a photo from XP2017. Women are amazing!
Yes, this is a photo from XP2017. Women are amazing!

Looking around at XP2017 in Cologne this week, I thought: I bet the women who made the effort to come here are doing interesting things!

So I decided to find out, and as a result I had a wonderful series of encounters. Here are my new and old friends, in the order in which I talked with them, with where they live and what they do. Some photos are not so sharp – sorry! I’ll learn some photo skills before XP2018 :-)

Thank-you, ladies!

Graziela – Brazil
Computer Science professor. Researcher on Technical Debt. Changing her environment and helping startups develop using Lean Startup.

Nicole – Germany
Helping people to support change. Helping Scrum Masters get more knowledge. Bringing people together at the table to get on the same wavelength and reach their goals.

Peggy – United Kingdom
Researching to understand what challenges practitioners have using agile methods. An academic who loves learning what’s happening in the field, relating it back to theory, and bringing the results back to developers in the field.

Andrea – USA
CEO and pioneer of “software remodeling.” Specialist in modernizing existing software. Believes that when you really look at the Agile Manifesto, it all boils down to empathy.

Stefanie – Germany
Scrum Master. Asking “Why?” to get the teams more motivated, more concerned, and to reduce waste by doing the right things right.

Tamsen – Spain
Shaking up the system, causing havoc. Has ovals. “Just a consultant (provocateur).”

Marija – Serbia
Scrum Master and Agile Coach. Helping people get unstuck and find their best selves. Studying coaching.

Alex – Germany
Head of testing. Formerly a Product Owner. Super power: loving people.

Alja – Italy
Passionate senior software developer. Likes to teach junior developers.

Elettra – Italy
Passionate software developer who likes to learn and mob in groups.

Silvia – Italy
PhD student. Helping small companies integrate agile development with user centered design. Curious about how to explain business benefits to people involved in change.

Leena – India
Co-founder of a software consulting company, where she’s also an evangelist for XP. Visionary. Developing software to help people sustain intentional practices like yoga or practicing an instrument.

Carolin – Germany
Team coach. Magical ability: creating teams that feel safe.

Rachel – Scotland
Does everything: application development, project management, business analysis, facilitation. General troublemaker.

Natalie – United Kingdom
Tech lead developer and line manager. Watch out!

Sal – United Kingdom
Neurodiversity advocate.

Maike – Germany

Changing old habits into agile and flexible new ideas. Team Manager. Self-organization evangelist.


Mafalda – Germany

Making Mom ever more flexible. Wants to have it better than we have it now.

Diana – USA

Contributing to the agile community by creating helpful models. Emphasis on: creating environments where human systems can learn and do their best work.

Zainab – New Zealand

Formerly a software testing professional, now pursuing a challenging PhD, researching “Task Allocation in Agile Teams”. A big fan of self-organization; using it to organize herself and her daughter.


Yanti – New Zealand

A mother, managing three kids and a PhD in Knowledge Management and Reflective Practice.

Women I saw from afar and only wish I’d met…

Viktoria – Norway

Researcher on teamwork practices in agile software projects. Works closely with the industry. Passionate about getting more girls to study computer science and software engineering.

Ladies: I underestimated how much energy this would take… so if I did not get over to you with my camera, I’m sorry!

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What a great list! Looking at the faces of these smart and gracious women makes me happy.


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