Appreciation for Deb’s work

appreciation for Deb's coaching
“Deb promises to bring people’s strengths to a bigger game. True: she is walking her talk. I now have a seizable idea what that really means to me.
Deb promises to apply one-on-one effective coaching. True again: she is walking her talk. What mind-blowing leverage such a plain phone call can have.”
Christine Schäfer, Process Manager at Deutsche Telekom, Germany / 2014
“Working with Deborah is joy. She takes care of the right setting of the coaching, has well prepared documents for agreements, is very organized and punctual. She works very concentrated and is a very attentive listener. I discovered how effective coaching is on the telephone. Her skills and imagination worked well with my world. I felt free to be creative and linked with my inner world. Sometimes she was accompanying me, sometimes she really asked the right thing at the right time. Her questions are often amazing. There was everything from tears to laughter in the coaching. Thanks for your work Deb!”
Christine Neidhardt, owner, coach and trainer at, Germany / 2012
“Deborah deserves the greatest recognition for her ambitious engagement to coach, train, grow & encourage an internal coach: me. ….her dedication and encouragement have successfully helped me find my true passion & profession, and changed my career in a breathtaking way. Thank you, Deborah!”
Sebastian Lang, Lean & Agile Coach at Agfa Healthcare, Germany / 2011
“Deborah coached me during a difficult period where I was leading a major agile transformation at Siemens HS. Through Deborah’s coaching I was able to crystallize my vision, put my attention and focus on the right levers and become much more adept in managing personal conflicts and resistence. Deborah is a great coach who is extremely empathatic, perceptive and willing to challenge assumptions and beliefs that were limiting my ability to move forward. I would highly recommend Deborah to anyone involved in leading change.”
Bennet Vallet, Director Product Development,Siemens Medical Solutions Health Services / 2012
“[…] the result is even more valuable than what I was expecting. She is able to listen very carefully, with a lot of empathy, and can lead you to other points of view that will help you to open new possibilities. She is able to make you think about your values and create the link with the current situation. It was amazing how I changed my way of handling difficult situations… and as a secondary effect, it makes my life much easier.”
Philippe Launay, Manager and Agile Coach, Agfa Healthcare, Bordeaux France / 2012
“Hiring Deb turned out to be one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. She has a genuine way about her of getting me to explore what’s happening and what is true for myself. This isn’t always comfortable for me but it does get me to the heart of an issue. Her intuition as a coach serves well as she holds me accountable to what is true for me. As a result of our work together I am done with playing small. This shift is impacting all parts of my life as my love for my wife is stronger than ever, my business is accelerating forward, and I no longer feel I need to be something I’m not. As I have become a Co-Active Coach myself … I aspire to be the coach Deb is.”
Mike Edwards, Personal and team coach with Leanintuit, Canada / 2014
“If you are looking for an energetic,positive, goal orientated coach, I would highly recommend Deb. Not only will she help you work through your values and a enable you to find a positive direction in your life, she will continue to add value to enable networks and connections in relevant areas of your life. You will not be disappointed with Deb!”
Zilla Steckhoven, Director Corporate Solutions, Adidas Group, Germany / 2014
“Deborah is an inspiring coach. She has worked with Berteig Consulting for many years. She is kind, considerate, inspiring, truthful, and a joy to work with. She coached our team at Berteig Consulting to become more compassionate, supportive, and in tune with each others’ strengths. I highly recommend Deborah.”
Paul J. Heidema, ‘VP Training & Development at Berteig Consulting, Canada / 2008
“Deb is great to work with, always very patient and helped me achieve better results in my life. Our conversations were always interesting, insightful and, at times, challenging. Deb helped me understand more about what I really value, how to make deliberate choices in both my professional and personal life to support those values and push aside the non-helpful behaviors and patterns that I have been carrying along all my life but do not need anymore for my next steps. Thanks!”
Carlton Nettleton, President and Consultant, Look Forward Consulting, USA / 2012
“Deb has helped me to achieve clarity and focus about my values and goals, through gentle yet energizing coaching. It is a pleasure working with her, even when digging into the less appealing aspects of one’s inner workings. She asks great questions and elicits important answers, and helps to guide those findings into meaningful insights and actions.”
Ellen Grove, Agile Coach with Agile Partnership in Canada / 2013
“Deb’s easy manner and high energy created a space full of possibilities. Her skill and knowledge of the Agile subject area populated that space with meaningful experience. The follow-up email and materials Deborah sent me were a wonderful bonus that has enriched my personal and professional life. I highly recommend Deborah to anyone searching for an Effectiveness Coach.”
Karen (Favazza) Spencer, Independent Agile Coach with AgileKindergarten, USA / 2012
“Deborah est une coach absolument incroyable! Elle a un sens de l’écoute particulièrement affutée. Elle arrive très rapidement à bien cerner les problématiques et apporte, à chaque fois, un éclairage nouveau sur les perspectives d’amélioration. Son approche est très humaine, on sent qu’elle est impliquée avec chaque fibre de sa personnalité. Deborah est extrèmement généreuse de son temps et elle est constamment à la recherche du dépassement, autant pour elle que pour ses nombreux clients. Je ne saurais trop vous recommander les services d’une grande professionnelle tel que Deborah. Vous serez rapidement sous le charme et vous aurez droit à un service hors-pair!”
Stephane Lecuyer, Coach & Trainer, Agile Partnership, Canada / 2008


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