30 days of Kindness

a healing experiment in micro-journaling

( and not a moment too soon )

Invitation to 30 Days of Kindness with Deborah Preuss, CPCC
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For many of us, the holiday season brings added expectations – around work accomplished, gift-giving, travel, hospitality or family celebrations. In the best of years, it’s a juggling performance.

This year, I’m even more stressed than usual: trying, but failing, to make sense of the disorienting shifts in the political and social landscapes of Europe and North America. But I’m committed to making our family holiday a time of restoration and peace. And so…

Please join me for 30-days of Kindness – a 10-minute daily experiment in micro-journaling, running between December 16th and January 15th.

I invite you to spend 10 minutes a day to increase your Kindness quotient. I’ll send you a daily journaling prompt, and, if you’ll be offline, you can download the whole list before you sign off.

In addition, I’ll hold an optional Kindness Chat call weekly. I know some of you will be spending quality time with family and friends – a great way to enjoy more kindness! But if you’d like to chat about our experiment, and get some encouragement, I’ll hold the line open and chat with whoever comes. We’ll end the experiment on my birthday, January 15th, with a Celebratory Cocktail – I hope you can make it!

A word about cost: this experiment has arisen suddenly, and falls during the busy holidays. Arriving, as it does, without warning, I feel its value to you may vary according to your plans and availability – and so I hesitate to charge a fixed price for it. So this first series: instead, of, say, charging 20€ up front, at the end I’ll tell you how to make a donation, if you like, reflecting the value you’ve received. So don’t let payment worry you. I’m actually more interested in the experiment, and I’d love to have your comments at the bottom of this page :-)

Read on for details of the program.

You can subscribe right up to the last day, Jan. 15th.


ghdo9ykdtbyzqvkgzgup_h11Be Kind to Your Self – Week 1

It’s easy to forget kindness when we’re madly doing-doing-doing.

So to begin, let’s slow down for 10 minutes and appreciate our lives – and ourselves!

Daily practice:
5-minute Gratitude Journal



happy_image1Design for Kindness – Week 2

Let’s get intentional about how we show up. The impact can be huge!

Live Kindness Chat:
Thursday Dec 22 – at 2pm & 6pm CET

Daily practice: Design your Mood



beautiful young woman gifForgive and Remember – Week 3

Kindness happens in the present moment. Remember who you are at your best, and let go of what pulls you backwards.

Live Kindness Chat:
Thurs. Dec 29 – at 2pm & 6pm CET

Daily practice:
Love Notes from Your Brilliant Self



walk_cycle_gif_by_hannah_liWalk in Kindness – Week 4

Strengthen your kindness muscle one kind step at a time.

Live Kindness Chat:
Thurs. Jan 5th – at 2pm & 6pm CET

Daily practice:
Structures that grow Kindness



yay!Celebrate your Wins! – Week 5

Kindness is possible, even when things go wrong. Catch yourself being kind!

Live Kindness Chat:
Thurs. Jan 12th – at 2pm & 6pm CET

Daily practice:
Intention and Observation



girl in glassClosing: Live Cocktail Party!
It’s Deb’s birthday – Sunday Jan 15th CET at 5pm

Come as you are, and bring something nice to drink – cocoa, a smoothie, a glass of water or wine…

Simply for the pleasure of your company!


The full list of 30 journaling prompts is here. But: overwhelm alert! You might prefer to get them in smaller bites :-)

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What you do with these is totally up to you: please be kind to yourself!

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about #30daysofkindness

This is an experiment for me too. Boy, do I need it. And I look forward to doing it with you!

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