A guide for (re-) starting with

Journaling for Growth

The practice of keeping a private journal is an ancient one that’s re-gaining popularity now, as people refocus on concepts like sustainable pace, balance and mindfulness.

The impact of journal writing can be surprising: simply writing a few words can shift the mood of a day, or the course of an important decision.

Sometimes, it helps me see myself more neutrally and compassionately. Other times it just reminds me I’m “too busy to journal” (which, in itself, is a useful awareness!)

Don’t worry about getting it ‘right.’ There are lots of ways to do journaling, but in fact there are no special materials or rules needed. Just write your thoughts, in a private place. Start with 5 minutes a day, even just one line of “I’m thankful for…”

If you’re looking for inspiration, there are “journaling prompts” on the we, for every  interest: art journaling, self-care, courage, entrepreneurship, relationships, parenting, career… Just google “journal prompts” and the theme that you want to work on in 2017.

Here are my 6 starting-points to help you get going:

a small, printable 7-day Gratitude Journal

my printable Introduction to Journaling
with 2 weeks’ worth of journaling prompts, and pointers to several different journaling methods.
I also include this with my Journal, on the next line.

my self-coaching book, with a really nice blank journal
(and an optional add-on of watercolor paints and brush!)

the self-coaching InspireMe! deck
50 change-agent specific prompts to get you thinking and growing.
With text by Lyssa Adkins, designed by me.

a live, free Personal Vision Session,
It’s a great jump-start, an hour of free coaching with no strings attached. You’ll come away with exciting, perfect-for-you ideas to explore in your journal.

my online Wheel of Life quiz
a great reflection tool to give you plenty of ideas to pursue in the coming weeks.

Whatever route you choose, be kind to yourself. The last thing most of us need is another skipped habit, another nagging voice!

Find a way to fit it comfortably into your routine, be it daily or weekly, and put a reminder in your calendar so you can remember more easily. Combine it with exercise or sleep or another favourite place or time. Keep it in your car and spend 10 minutes before you start your work day. Or leave some index cards on your kitchen table. The form is not important. But taking time for you is.

Your inner Brilliance wants to come out and play!


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