Coaching Rocks!

Take “walking the talk” to whole new a new level.

The change leaders I work with tend to value, and teach:
courage, intrinsic motivation, positive impact, joy, balance and growth.

Are you walking your talk?

I’m changing the world by fostering more joyful, satisfied and influential role models. Discover co-active phone coaching with a free sample hour.

When do we start?

Include a summer coaching intensive in your vacation plans!
Call me to design a custom plan. Recharge your inner brilliance.

You probably already have many of the skills needed for self-coaching, so with just a little input you’ll quickly be headed in the right direction with renewed energy. I typically work with clients for three to six months, rarely longer. And sometimes a free Vision session is all that’s needed!

As a certified Co-Active coach, I partner with you to root out what drags you down and replace it with more of what makes you shine:

  • create a crystal clear picture of who you are, to draw you forward into the future you want;
  • puzzle out recurring anti-patterns, and experiment with new ways of being;
  • use your strengths to achieve what matters most to you;
  •  cut Impostor Syndrome down to size: redesign your relationship with your inner (and outer!) critics;
  • shift how you show up with people, to magnify your impact;
  • design your own self-care rituals, to maintain the learning.

Skeptical about phone coaching? I challenge you to try it! I’ve seen huge impact in my hundreds of hours of phone coaching. Most people find it effective and inspiring – not to mention efficient, as there’s no travel! Find out more about phone coaching.

The real work of coaching happens between calls anyway – as you take your new perspectives into the world and apply them. At the start of every call we’ll discuss how it’s been going, and at the end we’ll design a new experiment to try.

It starts with a free online Vision Session!

Online booking makes it easy to find a one-hour slot that suits your schedule.

Not quite ready to commit, but curious?

It’s important that you decide for yourself whether coaching is for you right now, and to do so with a coach you like and trust. To this end, you might like to check out my free self-coaching ebook, or read what my clients say about our work together.

When you are ready, you can test out how we work together with a no charge, no sales-pitch Personal Vision session. It’s an encouraging, energizing hour that I enjoy giving away, and there’s never pressure to become a client.

How much coaching do you want?

Coaching is more than a phone call – it activates new thoughts and actions that demand your attention between calls, too. Think about what’s needed and realistic for you, and we’ll discuss it when we meet… and adjust it over time as as needed.

Sessions can last from 45 to 90 minutes, something we plan together, influenced by your available energy and need for speed. You choose when we meet, usually between 2 and 5 times a month. For a first meeting, an hour is fine.

Co-Active coaching is a team sport – it relies on building a partnership between coach and client. Sometimes the effect of Co-Active coaching is felt quickly, but to see the effect in your daily life requires persistence and can take a little time. I prefer a minimum of twice a month, and ask you to commit to a two or three-month block, to get us aligned and develop momentum.

What does a session cost?

After your free Sample Session, coaching is 250€/hour or 400€/month (up to 5 sessions), plus German VAT, where applicable. I want to work with motivated individuals, even those with financial restrictions, so after your Sample Session let’s work out a coaching plan that accomodates your budget. Please don’t let the price hold you back – together, let’s be creative and make this work.


I coach in English, French, German, visualisation, metaphor, and bodywork. We always find the right expression in the right language at the right time – even if it’s in Turkish!

Let’s chat!

I’d be happy to discuss your needs and help you find the right coach – whether that be me or someone else. It’s easy to book a call at a time that suits you.

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