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A Bigger Game

a self-coaching journal

abiggergame journal

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss

Eager for growth now? Use this self-coaching workbook at the breakfast table, at your desk, in the park … wherever you find your peace.

Four introspective exercises help you (re-) connect with your own Bigger Game. Remember what you love, and plan your next steps toward it. If you’re new to this, the Getting Started guide suggests some different ways to journal, to help you figure out what works for you.

It’s available as an e-book in english and german, and now (new!) Journal edition.

And if you’re a visual thinker, order the portable watercolour palette and brush option while it’s available!

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A4 or Letter


InspireMe! cards

real advice for Agilists


concept and texts by Lyssa Adkins
design and images by
Deborah Hartmann Preuss
and John Adkins

The work of fostering change can be difficult, and also immensely rewarding. Most days, you have this handled: your teams are doing well, delivering amazing products and enjoying their newfound autonomy.

Some days you need a word of advice or encouragement, or a challenge that spurs you into action. These cards do just that. They support you. Every day. It’s real advice for the real world!

Each InspireMe! card is artfully created with a quote and striking image to inspire you, and a “love letter” from Lyssa Adkins, Coach of Agile Coaches, tying it all in to the everyday experience of your work. The deck includes Try This cards with ideas for using the deck alone or with a team, and 10 Sharing cards to help you encourage your colleagues.

Who do you know that could use some encouragement?

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Fearless Journey Game

collaboratively conceived at Play4Agile
designed by Deborah Hartmann Preuss

Hack your culture of “yes, but” with a game that reframes big problems into opportunities, highlights your hard-to-reach Goal and inspires new ways to reach it.

This co-operative game uses your real  obstacles and the 48 influence strategies from the book Fearless Change (and the 15 new patterns from More Fearless Change) to get you thinking outside the box. You’ll soon be inspired to engage your organization in new ways, to create the impact you seek.

Play the card game as a team, or use the solitiare rules to think through your puzzles alone or with a colleague.

Order it online, or download and print it tonight for free and play it tomorrow, in six languages.

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fearlessjourney cards
fearless journey path tiles
An unexpected e-book
Little Guide to Empathetic Technical Leadership by Alex Harms

By Alex Harms @onealexharms


The Little Guide to Empathetic Technical Leadership offers an uncompromising call to empathy and human connection. At the same time, you’ll find practical ways to improve your skill, to become more of the leader you want to be.

It’s a small book, but you’ll want to read it slowly, savoring every chapter.

it’s free to read online; or buy the e-book for convenience.

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