A seed in the ground

sunflower seed - original - april '13

This spring, inspired by client homework, I decided to grow my new garden from *seed* for the first time! I read, and researched, and compared conflicting instructions for germinating lupins, petunias, sunflowers and geraniums.

I finally settled on plastic-covered bowls on the bathroom window ledge. The heat was magical! Suddenly those  irrepressible green shoots were zooming skyward!

My husband smiled and remarked on the similarity to my work :-)

I coach change agents, so it’s not surprising to find that they look for my coaching support in their own times of change.

But in fact, several clients have showed up at their first session saying: “Sorry for the delay, but since we spoke – I’ve changed my job!”

We think of coaching as sowing seeds of future growth – but it’s worth acknowledging that clients always arrive with seeds already in-progress and almost ready to go! Client and coach focus on what’s new, but the heat of coaching often brings results immediately… and it’s not the magic of the coach! I

When clients arrive ready to make choices that are more resonant with their values, those dormant seeds suddenly burst into bloom – bringing a spring-like joy that overflows all around, spreading the joy of being fully alive.

I’m glad I tried the experiment… well, in truth, it will be ongoing for quite a while (like life!). This week I lost a few seedlings… and planted some new seeds. I don’t know which ones will make it into flower, months from now. Like my clients, I am doing small experiments, and holding the outcomes loosely.

I don’t know how it will end… but just seeing their energetic growth makes me happy. The seeds *and* the clients, that is!

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