Virtual World – Real Communities

I had two great, short phone calls with US colleagues last night. Hearing their voices (rather than reading their tweets) had an unexpected effect: I felt more “in community” and I learned something I really needed to know to do my work. I really “felt” them, it was great.

Triggered by this, and by projects I am working on, I had a crazy random thought today (this is how I get all my best ideas!) I want to share it here because I cannot take it on right now, but someone else might want to run with it…

What would a virtual AgileCoachCamp look like? One where we could hear one another’s voices, without disrupting our home lives by flying across oceans?

Who’d come? Who’d set it up?

What am I talking about? Here are some pointers…

And, as always, a reminder: there is no right way to do this, we get to

Now, back to my projects. On Monday we will play FearlessJourney with 300 people! Lots to do, and lots of great people to do it with…  :-) I hope your projects are equally exciting!

Cheers to all my friends and colleagues out there… in the real world!
(and now, I will tweet about this blog, LOL. There is no escaping the interwebs.)

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