Make Up Your Own Rules

I couldn’t resist creating a poster from Neil Gaiman‘s 2012 commencement address to the University of the Arts in Philadelpia! (read or watch it here ). And: pass it on!

Poster: Make Up Your Own Rules
Click to download the printable poster

“I never really expected to find myself giving advice to people graduating from an establishment of higher education.  I never graduated from any such establishment. I never even started at one … and nobody ever seemed to mind that I was making it up as I went along … Looking back, I’ve had a remarkable ride. …. So I thought I’d tell you everything I wish I’d known starting out, and a few things that, looking back on it, I suppose that I did know.”

— Excerpt from Neil Gaiman’s introduction to his May 2012 commencement address.

(about 10 seconds after I first tweeted it, that inveterate translator of interesting things, Fabrice Aimetti, had already done a downloadable French version! )


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